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‘Helping Hands’

The Project Brief

To design and produce a ‘stained glass effect window screen’ to tone down the amount of light that can sometimes blind the congregation during services. To use a special transparent paint to colour shapes made from drawing around their hands.

Godalming United Church team up with Rodborough School

In September 2015 Rodborough School students in Year 8, 12-13 year olds, were offered the opportunity to become involved in an art project to assist the congregation of Godalming United Church. The Chancel window, pictured above, has a very sunny aspect. How fortunate one might think! However, inside, the glare from the window can become uncomfortable during certain times of the year. An added difficulty is that the brightness causes the people, those leading the services or events, can become, to the viewers, silhouettes when addressing attendees. But help is at hand as Rodborough students happily volunteer for a creative venture with a material they had not used before and a project brief giving them the responsibility and freedom of choice to design and produce a screen for this important area of the church. In March 2016, 40 lunchtimes later a fantastic screen has been produced!

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The Community Project Between Rodborough School and Godalming United Church