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‘Helping Hands’

The Design

Two design proposals were put forward by the team. One was a nativity scene and the other was based on 'Noah's Ark'. This Ark design idea was successful because of the aspect of the window onto the Lammas Land, the flood plane for the River Wey.  The rainbow was the symbol of the covenant from God with Noah not to send a flood again to devastate the whole world. The nativity star was included in the sky as a bridge between the earth and the heavens depicted symbolically in the existing stained glass. The team wanted to give their work as a gift for Christmas to the church members. Unfortunately it became apparent there was too much work involved for the screen to be ready in time, however, they still wanted the members to have their work as a gift. There was a dilemma about how to include the Ark. The children were given free choice over the shape their hands could be when drawn around, one student drew around her fingers of both hands but in a way as to create an overlapping view. She then proceeded to choose a different colour for each section created within her outlines. This creation, in their design, eventually became an artistic symbol for life in all its diversity for the Ark. At school Yr. 11 artwork was being displayed and many passing pupils expressed admiration for a painting that included a depiction of a wave in the style of those created by a Japanese artist Katsushika  Hokusai (1760-1849). This gave the idea to use a large wave where the crest of the wave could possibly involve shapes of animals being swept away. Usually the story concentrates on those saved and less on those lost. The search for pictures of animals on the internet brought into focus the idea of including species of animals that are in serious difficulties for survival. The causes of possible extinction are thought to be man made owing to a loss of or change to their habitat and hunting. This raised the issue of species slipping away today as the numbers of Humans continue to increase. God bestowed the responsibility on Noah to ensure the continuance of the world's livestock and this responsibility is still valid and now ours today.

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The Community Project Between Rodborough School and Godalming United Church