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‘Helping Hands’


When creating the design with hand outlines it became apparent just how many hands were needed. There was also a need for small hands. Rather than just reduce the size of hands already offered on the photocopier they wanted to include hand outlines of younger people. One pupil collected hand outlines via her Mother's connection with Green Oak Primary School and Nursery, Jacky Beale, an organiser of 'Godaltots' (toddlers group at Godalming United Church) collected more hand outlines of those interested in helping with the project. Still more hands were needed and a fresh call to the Year 8's at Rodborough went out and many more hands were collected including from amongst the staff at Rodborough School. Other contributions came from five Yr. 7 pupils, relatives, Rodborough Youth Fellowship and the youth within 'Candela' the church band.

Design Technology to the Rescue

As the design progressed a storage case was required to work on the assembly of the picture and keep it safely out of the way when not being worked upon. This inspired some boys and girls, who preferred woodwork to painting, to become involved by helping make the case during their lunchtimes. The cooperation between the Art department and the Design and Technology department helped to involve the children with the many different skills needed for a project. Other departments such as Food Technology offered their space for jam tart production and Eduprint, a pupil run printing service, to produce invitations to this presentation.

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The Community Project Between Rodborough School and Godalming United Church