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… to worship, witness and serve;
and to grow in faith and love

Godalming United Church


All who attend worship at Godalming United Church are encouraged to become Church Members. Members have made a public commitment to follow Christ and serve within His Church. They have made promises to God and to each other. Together they will help one another to be true to the call of Jesus that we should love God wholeheartedly and our neighbours as ourselves.

When someone becomes a member of Godalming United Church they hold membership of both the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church. Both traditions understand membership as a two-fold covenant – between each member and God and between each member and all other members.

You may have questions to ask about Church Membership. More information is available to help you make your decision to join the Church with confidence. There are ways of renewing membership that has lapsed, or transferring membership if you have moved from another place, or becoming a Church Member for the first time. Whatever your circumstances there is a way for you to belong.

If you want to know more about Church Membership please ask the Minister (Tel: 01483 414709) or the Pastoral  Assistant (Tel: 01483 415718).