Who's Who at GUC

Revd Adam Payne, Minister

The Reverend Adam Payne is a United Reformed minister serving Godalming United Church since September 2020. He originally hails from the American state of Indiana and immigrated to the UK with his family in 2018. Dedicated Anglophiles, Adam, with his wife Kyla, and daughters, Lizzy and Molly, are determined to see everything the United Kingdom has to offer. Adam has a passion for making the church a welcoming and accessible place to all of God's people and helping non-Christians to see that church is still relevant, and God is still speaking, in a 21st century world.

Louise Steele, Church Secretary

Louise Steele is the Church Secretary who is responsible for the general administration of the church. Louise has lived in Godalming for 25 years since she and Alan were married at Godalming United Church. Together, and with the love and support of the whole church family, Alan and Louise have raised their son to adulthood. Louise is in full-time employment delivering locum and consultancy services to town and parish councils and believes passionately that sound governance and efficient administration contribute to good decision-making in public life, including the Church.

Eileen MacDonald,
Pastoral Assistant

As Pastoral Assistant, it is Eileen's responsibility to work with the minister in delivery pastoral care to the members and adherents. She also assists and supports the leaders and visitors in our Pastoral Team network.

Alan Steele,
Senior Steward

Responsible for organisation and preparation for weekly worship.